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We will provide you with most efficient, cost effective, and customized care for your specific issues. We keep current with new treatment options and protocols to offer you the best service we can.
Your input is always welcome when it comes to the treatment you are receiving. After all, you are the patient and helping you is what we do.

Our Services

Chiropractic Services

We use manual and instrument adjusting along with drop table, stretching and muscle work to get to the root cause of your problem(s).


A doctor supervised weight loss program using natural dietary supplements.

In Body 570 Body Analyzer

Take fitness to the next level with Body Composition Analysis.


PEMF Exercise uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to bathe low energy cells in pure, raw energy. 

Knee and Shoulder Pain Relief

Trigenics® is an advanced neurological muscle assessment, treatment and training system which instantly reprograms the way the brain communicates with the body to immediately relieve pain, amplify strength and movement and augment muscular performance.


Neurofeedback literally means “brain” and “input”, where the brain is monitored and input is given instantly.  Our therapy provides natural relief from symptoms of depression, anxiety and ADHD. 

Lipo Melt

LipoMelt uses LED light to help naturally slim, shape and tone areas including the waist, hips, thighs and upper arms. It’s unique wavelength of light stimulates fat cells to release some of their contents, which is then easily metabolized or eliminated by the body.

Shockwave Therapy

Highly effective therapy for plantar fasciitis and tendinitis that resolves symptoms in only a few visits. Acoustic waves generated by the Shockwave trigger biological effects which lead to faster and long-term healing and regeneration of the tissue. Shockwave therapy (SWT) covers a wide range of indications.

A Simple, Holistic Approach to Health Care

Here at Maloney Chiropractic, we are proud to help our patients live better, pain-free lives. We truly believe that no one deserves to live in pain, even as they age. We will do everything we can to ensure that our patients are comfortable. We are proud to help people heal after an accident or injury and diminish any unwanted discomfort.

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Maloney lives in Bloomsburg, PA with his wife Brooke with 3 lovely children Jordyn, Lauryn and Brayden.  Dr. Maloney was born in Ontario, Canada and was educated at University of Western Ontario. He then went on to pursue his Chiropractic degree at New York Chiropractic College and graduated 2006.  He has extensive continuing education including Trigenics certifications and a Board certification in Neuropathy and Chronic Intractable Pain.


After 20 years of pain from mutiple chronic disorders I finally feel like I am on the journey to long lasting relief. I started seeing Dr. Maloney over 7 weeks ago and cannot believe the change in my life physically and emotionally. The treatment modalities I am doing include adjustments, hydromassage, massage chair, PEMFT (pulsed electromagnetic field technique) and Chirothin. I am down nearly 20 pounds, off 4 daily prescription medications, off all pain medications and now exercising almost an hour daily. I have never publicly recommended a particular health professional before, but I highly recommend Dr. Maloney.

Trish Wolfe Mazeika


Better Health Care is Our Mission

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